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About Us

Kossler & Company, PLLC advisors work closely with you to solve problems and maximize the business opportunities available in today’s marketplace. We focus on:

Improving your profit margin.

Increasing your bottom line results from improving your financial management. Kossler & Company will obtain a thorough understanding of your business, industry and client base. We will work with you to:

  • Obtain financing 
  • Identify and manage risks 
  • Manage cash flow 
  • Analyze internal controls and procedures 
  • Develop sound internal controls and systems

Developing your tax planning strategy.

Simply stated, planning can help reduce taxes. Knowledge of tax accounting methods preserves cash for critical business needs or profit. Kossler & Company will direct you in: 

  • Recognizing present day needs for tax planning and audit services 
  • Identifying tax credits 
  • Selecting the business entity 
  • Determining how a multi-state taxpayer can minimize state taxes 

Ensuring compliance.

Government regulations and compliance procedures are constantly changing. Kossler & Company will assist you to: 

  • Comply with changing regulations 
  • Work through IRS and state tax issues 
  • Work effectively with the regulatory agencies and auditors